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Michelle M. Grimes  CPDT-KA, CAP-1, CGCE
Professional Certified Pet dog Trainer & 
 Behavior Modification Consultant

What about Cesar Millan?

This is a question I hear all too often. 

For a long time, my initial answer wasn't one to be taken lightly.  Those asking would certainly be clear on my lack of respect for the man.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I started to see that for those outside the world of dog training, this man has an amazing ability to "connect" with dogs and "fixes" every situation he comes across.  He looks like a hero. 

I decided to turn my bitterness into positivity.  It's clear that Cesar Millan isn't going anywhere soon, so why not use this to shed some light in an optimistic way.  I decided to read his books, watch his show and really see what his training methods are so I would be better prepared to answer the all too familiar question I'm so often faced with.  

I'm proud to say I no longer answer the dreaded question with harsh criticism. 
Instead I have a positive, well educated conversation about why I am a firm believer
in the science of Pavlov and B.F. Skinner and the art of positive reinforcement training. 

I firmly believe education and facts are the best way to deliver an explanation when faced with the
scenario of clientele wanting to know why I don't believe in or agree with Cesar Millan.   

I can't say I disagree with everything he says but I can say I choose my methods over his,
regardless of how famous he is....any day of the week.   

                Reputable Behaviorists and Dog Trainers Speak Out, 
                  "Cesar Millan's philosophy is not our philosophy!"

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The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers joins organizations worldwide to respond to the Cesar Milan's training style and potential future show.  Click here to read the letter from the CCPDT Board and here to read the combine letter from all organizations.  Visit the Welfare in Dog Training website for more information on this campaign. 
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