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Michelle M. Grimes  CPDT-KA, CAP-1, CGCE
Professional Certified Pet dog Trainer & 
 Behavior Modification Consultant

Services Offered                                


No two dogs are created equal.

K9 Insights understands dogs truly are individuals and will work
with you to tailor a plan based on your particular needs and goals.



Private In-Home Behavior Consultations

Unlike typical training classes, behavior modification focuses on creating new and correct behaviors while eliminating unwanted and unacceptable behaviors.  Some problems require more time and are better resolved outside of an obedience class.   More details

Private In-Home Training

K9 Insights works hands-on with dog owners who want a better behaved dog. This program is for people who want individual customized coaching or for those who have a specific goal for their dog and don’t need a comprehensive course. This option is especially attractive if you don’t have the time or inclination to travel and convenience is high on your priority list.  
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Puppy Training and Socialization         
( Private consultation )

Puppies are a lot of work and require an immense amount of socialization at an early age to help avoid future behavior problems.  Experiences before 4 months of age have a powerful influence on what the puppy will be like as an adult.  Because of this, they need to have as many positive experiences as possible before they reach 4 months of age.  In the real world, it’s unfortunate but true that most of us don't have the time to do this. If you recently added a new puppy to your family, I will teach you the proper way to socialize your puppy and discuss the reasoning behind the importance of incorporating this into your new schedule with your puppy.  I will also help you puppy-proof your home, select good foods and toys and begin basic training, house training and crate training.



Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR Course

Will you know what to do when your pet needs help?  Maybe you own a pet related business where owners are counting on you to take care of their pet regardless of the situation.  Pets depend on us for their well-being.  In addition to providing daily care, love and affection, your best friend depends on you in an emergency.  Whether you pet becomes ill or injured or needs help in a disaster, or the care of someone's else's pet has been left in your hands, this class is for you. 

Learning Objectives

·         Name the items that belong in a pet first aid kit & pet supplies that should be included in an emergency preparedness kit.

·         Explain what should be considered when making a plan for their cat or dog in the event of a disaster that requires evacuation.

·         Understand the importance of knowing the normal physical condition, behaviors, and habits of their cat or dog.

·         Identify a normal heart and pulse rate, breathing rate and body temperature for cats and dogs.

·         Describe how to safely approach an ill or injured cat or dog & demonstrate how to safely capture and restrain a cat.

·         Demonstrate how to safely muzzle a dog.

·         Explain how to check a cat or dog that appears to be having a first aid emergency.

·         Describe how to check an unconscious cat or dog for breathing and cardiac emergencies.

·         Describe how to give rescue breathing to a cat or dog & how to perform CPR on a cat or dog.

·         Describe how to care for a cat or dog that is choking.

·         Describe how to care for shock for a cat or dog.

·         Describe how to provide basic wound care and control bleeding for a cat or dog.

·         Describe how to provide care to a cat or dog with a sprain or strain or burn. 

·         Describe how to care for a cat or dog with a suspected fracture & back or neck injury.

·         Describe how to care for a cat or dog involved in a car accident.

·         Describe general care for a cat or dog with a sudden illness or seizure.

·         Describe steps for caring for a cat or dog that has been poisoned.

·         Describe how to care for a cat or dog suffering from a heat- or cold-related emergency. 

* The Cat and Dog First Aid presentation does not teach participants how to diagnose medical conditions or make recommendations for medications for an ill and injured cat or dog.  

You will learn rescue breathing, CPR, care for choking pets and first aid for bleeding, fractures, poisonings and illnesses.  Along with a copy of the powerpoint presentation you will receive helpful handouts and each participant will receive their choice of a dog or cat Red Cross pet first aid book.  Upon completion of the class, participants will receive a Red Cross Pet First Aid and CPR certification card sent directly from The Red Cross.  Pet related business owners will then have the ability to add this important class and training to their credentials as being certified in Pet First Aid.   

Length: Four (4) hours

Instructor: Michelle Grimes, Veterinary Technician at SAVES 24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Hospital & Authorized American Red Cross Pet First Aid Instructor

Certification: Each participant will receive an American Red Cross Pet First Aid certification card (sent directly from The Red Cross)

Participant Materials: American Red Cross Pet First Aid - Manual  

Date:    TBD

Place:   TBD
Cost:     $75.00 

 IMPORTANT:  This is a HUMAN ONLY class.  Please leave your furry family members home. 

* Please feel free to bring a comfortable folding chair with you.  

* Dress in layers as the room temperature isn't always consistent.  

* Food / drinks are allowed.  Fridge available to use if you wish to bring lunch with you. A few breaks will be taken throughout the class, however there will be no set "lunch time".  

* Refunds will not be given for those who don't attend.  


 * Clicking the above "Register Now" link will allow you to register and pay via Pay Pal instantly.  If you prefer to pay by check, please send me an email at :  michelle@k9insights.com



Canine Body Language and Social Graces - Dog Park Safety & Etiquette

Dog parks can be a valuable resource or a serious nuisance.  It truly boils down to etiquette.  If you are properly education, understand dog park etiquette and follow guidelines, kudos to you!  Everyone needs to be on the same page and if that was to happen, dog parks can be an incredible thing.  When etiquette and guidelines are neglected, everyone suffers.  More importantly, the dogs at the park suffer.

Do you really know what your dog is saying?

A dog does most of its communication with body language.  Being able to properly read your dog's body language and subtle cues are extremely important in any situation but can be very helpful when in an environment such as a dog park. 

Join us for this informative lecture with videos to learn what to look for and what certain movements or cues mean.  

Audience will be encouraged to join in the discussion and ask questions.  

Length: Approximately Three (3) hours

Instructor: Michelle M. Grimes, CPDT-KA

Participant Materials: Presentation Materials will be available to purchase at time of seminar for $20.00  

Date:    TBD 

Place:   SAVES - The Canine Club Training Center   63 Evans Drive        Lebanon NH 

Cost:     The seminar is free to attend.        (Suggested attendance donation $10.00)

Presentation Materials will be available to purchase at the seminar for $20.00

 IMPORTANT:  This is a HUMAN ONLY class.  Please leave your furry family members home.  

* Please feel free to bring a comfortable folding chair with you.  

* Dress in layers as the room temperature isn't always consistent.  












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