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Michelle M. Grimes  CPDT-KA, CAP-1, CGCE
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 Behavior Modification Consultant

Meals for Paws

Wanting to focus a portion of our efforts on our local community in an area not receiving the attention needed, we saw a need previously overlooked and decided to take action.  K9 Insights developed the program "Meals for Paws, a worthy cause" after learning there was no local initiative for focusing attention on the vital relationship existing between someone who is home-bound and their pets. 

The first relationship we developed was with GCSCC.  Lacking the resources needed to integrate this important activity into routine program operations, Grafton County Senior Citizens Council positively responded to the idea of having a source to count on for donated cat and dog food. The core goal of the program is to ensure there is pet food available at all times on the vehicles that are responsible for getting the home delivered meals out to their recipients. 

It's a little known fact that some of those receiving home delivered meals often resort to sharing/feeding their pet(s) the meal meant for them. Maybe they are home-bound, maybe they are unable to afford food this month. Maybe they are facing the difficult decision of giving up their pets because they no longer have the means to properly care for them. Having to give up a beloved pet can be as traumatic as asking someone to give up their own child (as many pet owners will attest). Receiving love and attention from a cat or a dog can drastically improve
quality of life for some seniors. Sometimes just knowing there is another life to care for can bring a new meaning and joy to those going through difficult times in their lives. It hardly seems fair that some people in dire need might be forced to give their pets away when they need them most. 

By advocating the addition of pet food to the home delivered meals program, our hope is to increase the awareness of the significance of pets not only in the lives of seniors, but everyone.

This program is entirely run by the support of volunteers and relies completely on donations made by those who are willing to help.  We are only as successful as the donations we receive.  

We are in constant need of donations of the following:

  • Small and medium size bags of dog and cat food.  (New, unopened bags are preferred and smaller bags allow the senior citizens to handle the bags)
  • Canned dog and cat food
  • Boxes / bags of treats
  • Puppy pads
  • Cat litter (all types)
  • Litter boxes
If you are interested in helping the Meals for Paws program or making a donation, please contact Michelle:  michelle@k9insights.com

Donations can be dropped off at SAVES located at 63 Evans Dr. Lebanon NH 
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